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The number and variety of historic structures in Vilnius Old Town is fabulous that in 1994 UNESCO award the site World Heritage position. Vilnius seduces tourists with its unusual, wonderful and bewitching the Old Charm Town. Vilnius, the least known and frequented visits of the three Baltic State capitals has been changed with Lithuania joined the European Union and in 2009 being European Capital of Culture, which has really started out up the capital’s appeal, that in for decades reclined in the shadows.

The edgy, vibrant and unique Lithuania is Europe’s best-kept key. This country with a vibrant record, once boasting an empire extending from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Its capital, Vilnius, is an amazingly small place with unbelievable differences – spooky shadowy courtyards, eccentric artist community, amazing artistry and wonderful baroque.

The town’s ancient core is amazing, centered on a well-preserved and extensive baroque old town that is surrounded by the Vilnia and Neris Rivers. Vilnius is the Europe’s biggest baroque old town, a World Heritage site. Actually, the Old Town has an attractive mishmash of structure – from Medieval to neoclassical and more – and residents say Vilnius has one of the  world’s biggest varieties of Baroque structures.

Intoxicating, self-indulgent and delicate of this chocolate-box baroque skyline scattered with the spires of Orthodox and Catholic churches. But there is more to this devilishly eye-catching capital than satisfies the eye. There is an actual oddness that makes its heart.

Its organic gifts – jungle forests, ponds and lakes, the wonderful Curonian Spit in Western Lithuania – shine, while its oddities – the Hill of Crosses in and a Soviet sculpture park – add a style that discovered nowhere else.

Unusual cafes shine within the dark courtyards and ancient archways shape the narrow, cobbled streets through which change has taken with charm. Using International money and regional perspective, this fashionable little town has big plans. But new company, business, infrastructure and facilities – even a skyscraper skyline – won’t cover the inquisitive appeal of unusual, soulful Vilnius.

People who have different language are very welcomed. Restaurants and dining places and museums multiply in this city. Like the country itself, food lifestyle has flourished, and you can sample everything from Greek to Chinese. The nightlife is lively and unassuming. The large local student population inserts into the old roads, and Vilnius these days is a fantastic, dynamic and fulfilling place to visit. The nightlife is lively and unassuming.

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