Good Sports can define your whole trip in Vilnius and the experience will be engraved your memories for years.

Paintball – Located at Jasinskio Str., 10-204, Vilnius. Paintball game is an exciting leisure activity that has recently shown up in Lithuania. Every year it becomes more and more popular. Not many people argue that paintballing isn’t damned good fun. Vilnius has a great paintballing facility which used to be a multi storey taxi servicing depot and taxi car park during Soviet times and also set in a forest with lots of small buildings and hideouts. The building is a tourist attraction in its own right and to be certain to give you ‘the fear’ and send shivers down your spine. Paintball players believe that this game helps them to get rid of anger and irritability by harmless means. Paintball allows adults feel as if they are children playing “in the war” in the yard. But this game is not that simple, as it requires teamwork, stealth and strategy.

Bungee Jumping – Located at Taikos St., 24-57, Vilnius. One of the most exciting and extreme activities in the Vilnius is the so called bungee jumping from the Vilnius TV-tower. Bungee jumping is one of the most exciting ways to try your strength. The height of the tower is 326.5 meters and the average free-fall speed of a jumper is about 104 km/h. It is obviously not for the faint-hearted. Those who dared to jump from the TV-tower swear that they have experienced the most unforgettable moments of their lives. A special service of the Euroversals Company is filming or taking pictures of your jump. You do not have to worry about your safety, as the expert tested equipment and experienced instructor make you jump safe and pleasant.

Bowling – Located at Sausio 13-osios Str., 2, Vilnius. Bowling is a perfect game for all ages. It is never late to start enjoying bowling. Besides, bowling game does not demand special trainings. And it is really fun for the whole family to play.

Horse riding – Located at Gineitiskiu village, Vilnius region. One of the most aristocratic ways to spend leisure time is horse riding. People believe that horse is the most beautiful animal nature ever created. It is a very useful kind of sport: horse walks are good for your health, as they strengthen leg muscles and improve bearing. It is proved that a horse has a positive influence, and winter and summer horse walks are effective for the immune system.

Ice Skating – Located at Ozo St., 25, Vilnius. Ice skating is an exciting way to spend your leisure time. You can ice skate any season of the year on special ice rinks. In Vilnius you can go skating to the Acropolis Center.

Bicycle – Bernandinu St., 7-2, Vilnius. Riding a bicycle is a fantastic leisure time activity, both pleasant and useful. You can ride it slowly and enjoy the views around or you can ride a little harder and your stroll will turn into an excellent workout.

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