There are many museums in the Old Town which provide interesting and original displays. Some of the museums have been established in the palaces of former nobility. There are museums which display exhibits not only from Lithuania but also from other countries.

The Museum of Genocide Victims (KGB Museum) – Located at Aukų str. 2 A, Vilnius. The museum is situated in the same building where the Soviet repressive institutions of NKVD and NKGB-MGB-KGB handled that for all Lithuanians has become the symbol of the sufferings and grief.. The museum of Genocide victims is quite often being called the KGB museum. The Genocide Museum in Vilnius and its exposition is mostly concentrated in the KGB inner prison, established in the 1940 just after the USSR had occupied Lithuania.
You can visit 19 former cells, including a three sqm. isolation cell and three other punishment cells. You can see also the scene of tortures and interrogations.

Lithuanian Art Museum   Located at Didžioji str.4, Vilnius. Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius is quite often being called the Vilnius Painting Gallery. The Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius is a best place in the world to get familiar with the growth of Lithuanian Art, starting from Gothic, Renaissance and up to the nowadays of modern art. The Vilnius Picture Gallery displays an excellent collection of Lithuanian paintings, sculptures and graphics from the 16th up to the 19th centuries. The gallery regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and concerts.

National Museum of Lithuania – Located at Arsenalo str. 3, Vilnius. The Oldest museum in Lithuania. The museum is located in the buildings of the Vilnius Castle. It displays more than 998 thousand exhibits. It is worth to see the Archaeological, Historical, Numismatics, Iconography and Ethnic culture collections. Among them there are paintings, symbols, weapon, jewelry, crockery, furniture, clothes, coins, medals, maps, historical documents and other.

Amber Museum and Gallery Located at St. Mykolo str.8, Vilnius. The only national gem of Lithuania is amber found on the Baltic Sea shores. Baltic Amber is often being called the Lithuanian Gold. It is really famous and valued all over the world. Amber museum and Gallery in Vilnius is a museum of this precious stone. In the museum, amber of different types, colors and forms is displayed.

Applied Arts Museum – Located at Arsenalo St., 3a, Vilnius. Housed in the Old Arsenal, this building was first built in the 12th to 14th centuries to store weapons. Temporary exhibitions, academic programs, events, celebrations and concerts are usually held in the museum. The Museum displays an exhibition of works by bookbinders, vestments embroidered by monks, sashes woven at the Radvilos’ mill, candlesticks, reliquaries made by goldsmiths, glazed tiles, tapestries manufactured in Brussels, furniture made in the workshops of Danzig, porcelain from Meissen, Sevres and Vienna and Czech glassware, textiles, ceramics, amber, metal works and jewelry.

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