Lithuanian music is quite neatly separated into so-called “Pop Music” and “Alternative Music”. The earlier is more popular, but mocked by the fans of the latter for its dull lyrics, little musical value and recorded performances. Typically the run-of-a-mill bands of pretty blonde girls, made famous by various reality TV shows or professional producing companies, are the ones made fun of the most. Nevertheless, these ephemeral bands never last more than some 6 years, are only one side of Vilnius Pop music.

The radio stations play primarily pop music. Also that Lithuanian pop music may be heard in live performances at various gigs and cafes.

The Lithuanian Alternative music may be listened in countless festivals occurring in summer. These festivals are usually dedicated to particular genres, e.g. metal, Gothic, rock or electronic, and include both local and foreign music of these genres. All kinds of musicians, from amateurs to superstars, are welcome in Vilnius streets (Street Musician Day), as well as absolutely all kinds of music are allowed: rock, gospel, jazz, blues, classical, folk, poetry with guitar, African rhythms and the rest of all the existing ways to sing and play musical instruments.

Another peculiar music style to Lithuania is the neo-folk that combines centuries-old songs with modern musical motives (rock, metal, etc.).

True folk music may also be listened, especially at the UNESCO-recognized state-funded festivals Dainų šventė. It is in a way detached from both pop music and alternative music and is more heard by older people.

Classical music and opera, another separate category, are also preferred primarily by mature population and is found in opera theaters, philharmonia and musical theaters, usually performed in the original language.

The third category of music popular in Lithuania is also non-local the Russian music. You are much more likely to hear a Russian song in Vilnius public transport eagerly listened by the drivers than either Lithuanian or Western one. Entire radio stations are dedicated to them.

There are some Clubs in Vilnius have a Live music.

Aula Blues Club – Located at Pilies 11, Vilnius. Every night live music organized by a bunch of locals with a passion for performance, despite the name the repertoire reaches far beyond the blues and includes an interesting of hardly groundbreaking mix of the blues, rock and jazz.

Muzikos Rūsys – Located at A. Jakšto 9, Vilnius. An interesting venue, Music Cellar is a rock-orientated space, selling a good choice of local beers for a good price for an almost exclusively rock-orientated crowd.

Tamsta – Located at Subačiaus 11a/1, Vilnius. A brave effort by the people who run the excellent music shop downstairs to bring live bands of many persuasions to a half-starved audience. Music ranges from jazz to art-rock to old fashioned rock and roll. There is a long bar to keep everyone fed and watered, plus once a month they organize a so-called Open Mic Day where outsiders can come and improvise along with other like minded musicians.

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