Best party atmosphere, famous nightclubs and bars, beautiful girls and lots of activities to choose from in Vilnius. Vilnius can be extremely pleased of its versatility and vibrant nightlife. It is believed that Vilnius never sleeps. Most of bars, restaurants, nightclubs are concentrated in the Old Town of Vilnius. The list of bars and nightclubs is extensive and there is something to suit all tastes.

The large student population help fuels Vilnius diverse and buzzing nightlife scene. In summer, tables burst out everywhere as the scene becomes positively Mediterranean, while in winter the bitter cold and snow drive people inside. Vilnius is a fantastic night out. However, many first time visitors to Vilnius are unable to track down the best of the Vilnius nightlife with many of its top attractions situated down the hidden cobblestone streets and in areas of the city unknown to non-residents.

The great aspect is that the best places to drink, eat, dance and hang out are all located within walking distance of each other. The nightlife is mainly clustered together in the spectacular medieval old town. It is an experience in itself, just to explore in the evening along its ancient cobblestone streets, club and bar hopping until the sun starts to rise.

Many Vilnius nightlife spots are open into the early hours of the morning. Vilnius nightlife is diverse and vibrant and offers high quality entertainment and a very relaxed atmosphere. Being concentrated in the Old Town of Vilnius, most of Vilnius nightlife spots are within a short walking distance of each other.

A word on Lithuanians: they are amazingly charming, hospitable, and hell-bent on having a good time. With an endless selection of great nightlife options, many of Vilnius places seem to be competing at the end all be all, with an all bases covered approach offering food, drink, DJs or live music and huge dance floors that stay packed well into the wee hours. Still, with the focus of much of the activity centering around the Old Town, bar/club-hopping is an appealing choice, tough as it may be to pull yourself out of some spots or organize your cohorts in one cohesive direction.

The Lithuanian capital’s different nightlife choices run the breadth of all things possible for any taste and budget. Vilnius is truly one of the most awesome capitals that is not only culturally rich but has a nightlife that is equally inspiring.

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