Pabo Latino – Located at Traku str. 3, Vilnius. Pablo Latino is a fun club in Vilnius where the Latin rhythms buzz. As it is one of the most exclusive Vilnius clubs and favorite in town. Featuring three halls and two bars of sheer class, Pabo Latino is an oasis of Latin culture in a country where human warmth is far from overwhelming. It is luxurious, comfortable, elegant and dimly lit, which makes a nice balance between intimacy and a club night out.

Broadway (Brodvėjus) – Located at Vokieciu St., 4, Vilnius. It is situated in the very heart of the Old Town of Vilnius. It is conveniently located in one of the narrow Old Town streets and is mostly known for always being packed and as one of the most casual clubs in Vilnius. It is popular not only among Vilnius youth, but also among famous musicians, artists, journalists and businessmen. In the Broadway night club Lithuanian and foreign rock-stars often give concerts. The place is cheerful and loud and the majority does not really care about wearing more than jeans.

Gravity – Located at J. Jasinskio 16C, Vilnius. It is one of the oldest Vilnius clubs established in the premises of the ex Soviet bomb shelter. It has a reputation of a club with very unusual interiors and perfect quality of service and music. The Gravity provides other awesome events to visit and enjoy the atmosphere of youth, freedom and the best dancing music from all over the world. They feature some of the best Lithuanian and foreign DJ’s who arrive to perform the hottest tunes from the world’s dance-floors.

Helios – Located at Didzioji Str 28, Vilnius. It is a spacious modern club magnificently located in the main area of the Old Town, next to the Town Hall. In the Old Town, the Helios complex has a nightclub featuring a steak house and a sushi bar to go with its dance floor. If you like Techno music, Helios Night Club is the perfect place to have fun. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Vilnius. The club’s lighting effects system and sound is one of the best among the Lithuanian clubs and they also offer personal catering.

Pacha – Located at Gynėjų Street 14, Vilnius. Pacha is a newly opened club, with a well designed interior including mosaic walls, vivid colors, funny furniture, flashing lights, and new technology. The club is a part of a large network of super clubs around the world. Music is mainly Ibiza house but other kinds of music are played in the other hall. Sometimes live shows are taking place and they also present some of the best international DJs. One of the trendy drinks that is worth trying is the special Pacha cherry mojito.

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