Lele Puppet Theater – Located at Arcliu St., 5, Vilnius. “Lele” means puppet or doll in the Lithuanian language. This inspired puppet theater for children of all ages has been enchanting audiences in Vilnius since the company was founded in 1958. It is one of three professional puppet theatres of Lithuania. It occupies part of the building of the former Oginsky Palace in the Old City of Vilnius. The performances of the Lele Theater are popular not only among Vilnius children and parents. Travelers from other countries enjoy these productions too. The theater often goes on tours.

Lithuanian National Drama Theater – Located at Gedimino Ave., 4, Vilnius. Lithuanian National Drama Theater founded in 1940. The repertoire of the theater consists of the world classic dramatic art and works of modern dramatists including Lithuanian authors. Works of Lithuanian famous directors and actors, masterpieces of world classics, uncommon decorations, and special atmosphere of creativity makes the National Drama Theater very popular among the audience.

Lithuanian Russian Drama Theater – Located at J. Basanaviciaus St., 1, Vilnius. It is the only theater in Lithuania performing not only in Lithuanian language. Its repertoire included performances of different genres based on the works of Russian and foreign playwrights, including those of “the new generation”. An outstanding actor of St. Petersburg Imperial Alexandrinsky Theater Pavel Vasiliev founded the first permanent troupe of the Russian Theater in Vilnius in 1864. It was a birthday of Russian Drama Theater.

Youth Theater – Located at Arkliu St., 5, Vilnius. It is situated in the center of Vilnius, in the building of the 18th century that used to be a mansion of rich Marshal of Lithuanian Grand Principality Ignas Oginsky. Founded in 1966 the National Youth Theater stages works of all kinds from the classics to experimental to innovative reworking of original stories. The theater has always been eye-catching to the audience. An intense and open manner of acting, unusual ideas of producers, playful improvisations and lyricism are distinct features of the theater performances. The Youth Theater frequently participates in international art festivals, goes on tours all around the world and gives joy and satisfaction to all the lovers of drama art.

Raganiukes Theater – located at Vilniaus St., 22, Vilnius. Raganiukes Theater (The Little Witch Theater) for children was founded in 1995 in the center of the Old Town in Vilnius. It is a relatively young theater, but it already has its admirers among kids and their parents. It has been attracting audiences from all over Lithuania for its impressive and charming children’s shows.

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