Explore Vilnius

The best part of exploring Vilnius is a sense like you have travelled back in time as you walk through the narrow, winding streets of the Old Town. It is well worth taking an afternoon, or even a full day out to explore this fascinating country.

These days Vilnius has three faces, the historical, soviet and modern. Rich history of Lithuania left many interesting buildings to explore. Soviet period built a lot of blocks of flats some of them mess up the landscape.

Vilnius has more than its share of historic sites, museums and architectural treasures and it has a lot to offer in terms of arts, entertainment and nightlife venues. The churches of Vilnius recall the success of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

With good services in Vilnius, world-class hotels and restaurants, you will find just about everything you need to feel safe and comfortable. You will see that the city of Vilnius is a modern city with a truly cosmopolitan feel to it. While you are staying here to explore Vilnius you will find plenty of opportunities for to shop, relax in fine recreational centers and cinemas, and dine at restaurants which serve exquisite foods from a number of countries including traditional Lithuanian dishes. You can marvel at how parks and gardens are elegantly interspaced with the buildings which gives Vilnius a modern yet inviting look.

The city is beautiful and easy to explore. It is endowed with green parks and gardens, cozy squares and fountains, and bridges spanning across the River Neris. It is a rather compact city and a lot of places of interest are easy to get on foot.

The major attractions are concentrated in the Old Town and the City Center. There you will find the Vilnius Cathedral and Gediminas Castle, which are among the main symbols of the city. The Old Town is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most enchanting part of the city.

The city was built during the centuries, therefore it has a blend of architecture, which makes it a truly rewarding place for photography lovers and painters. At every corner you see an attractive restaurant or café, which are usually atmospheric inside and the food quality is good in most of them.

These are just a few of the places that you can explore while you are in Vilnius. For a great vacation where there is something to keep everyone occupied, Vilnius is the best option.

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