Vilnius Language Schools

If you feel out of the way not being able to understand what Lithuanian people are talking about all around you, if you wish to be a part of them in a conversation and be able to express yourself in fluent Lithuanian, there are many language schools that offer courses of varying length suitable for everyone from short-term visitors and tourists to those who wish to make a life in Vilnius.

So if you are tired of using gestures in shops, restaurants and on the street, if you want to speak your mind in Lithuanian and be able to understand, come and join one of the language schools in Vilnius.

Soros International House – Located at Konstitucijos ave. 23 A, Vilnius. A language school for foreigners who wants to learn Lithuanian Language. During this course you will take part in a variety of language learning activities which will include lots of discussing in groups, pairs, and one-on-one which will help you feel more confident in real life situations.

Jaunimo Perspektyva – Located at Vilniaus 39, Vilnius. Various levels of Lithuanian language instruction on an individual or group basis.

Vilnius University – Located at 3 Universiteto Str, Vilnius. Lithuanian Language Two–Week Summer Course. During the course, students are taught to speak, to write, to understand reading and listening texts. The students are taught in groups of different levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. Students are allocated to an intermediate or advanced level according to grouping tests.

Lingua Lituanica – Located at Gedimino av. 26, Vilnius. The Language Practice Center in Vilnius, for those who wish to learn Lithuanian. The school receives foreign students and people of Lithuanian descent, who wish to learn or to improve their Lithuanian skills.

AMES – Located at Naugarduko 4/12, Vilnius.

Lingua Perfecta – Located at Gediminas Ave. 45, Vilnius.

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