Lithuania has a well-developed railway network. Vilnius is the main center for railway connections. Vilnius main train station handles services to a number of destinations within Lithuania as well as international trains to Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Most tickets can be purchased from a row of kiosks to the right of the main entrance. Tickets for international trains can also be purchased from a small office inside and promptly to the left of the main entrance. The general rule is that tickets are stopped being sold in 10 minutes before a train is due to depart.

Vilnius Railway Station is located at Gelezinkelio Stotis, Gelezinkelio 16. – The Vilnius Railway Station is situated near to the Old Town, just across the street from the bus station. You will get to the Old Town in ten minutes by going straight ahead on exiting the station and walking down the hill. Taxis are parked up in a number of places nearby.
The station operates domestic services to Kaunas, other domestic destinations and international destinations (Minsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow and Warsaw). The Vilnius Railway Station is very centrally located. If coming from Poland, you can take a direct train from Warsaw to Kaunas by changing trains in Sestokai without entering Belarus, then get one of the regular connections to Vilnius either train, bus, or taxi.
The Berlin-St Petersburg train passes through Vilnius. The direct train from Warsaw to Vilnius passes through Belarus – make sure you have a Belarus transit visa if you require one.

Vilnius has a very pleasant train station that handles to exude an immensely laid back air. It also works, which is a handy bonus. On the negative side, train services may be numerous within Lithuania itself, but travel connections between Vilnius and the major European capitals are few and far between. Indeed, they seem to be reducing rather than growing. The most used service is the Warsaw-Vilnius connection, which simply departs in early every day, arriving the same evening. However, this involves changing at Sestokai.

The train station is quite large by local standards and unfortunately not very well signposted in English. You can find kiosks and shops for snacks, maps, cigarettes and prepaid mobile phone cards spread in and around the building, free toilets downstairs, ATM’s and a 24-hour Citadele bank outside to the left for changing money.

If you come to Vilnius by train for the first time you can visit Vilnius Tourist Information Center at the Railway Station. You will receive useful information there about how to spend your spare time, about places of interest in the city, also, you will be given a free map of the center of Vilnius and the Old Town, and a brochure about the most beautiful places in Vilnius.

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