As an expatriate, you will need to find a job in a company whose working language is English. As you probably already know, such jobs are not easy to find. There are not so many of them, and the few that exist mostly advertise on local websites, usually in Lithuanian.

If you want a job in Lithuania, first you have to visit the Labor Exchange, or come to any of its structural units, where you will receive free information and answers to your questions. You may also check the website of the EURES, European Employment Service or contact recruitment agencies.

As of 2010, European recruitment agencies may not charge home or abroad recruitment services directly or indirectly, which creates equal conditions for all and makes easier access to the labor market. And before starting a job in Vilnius, you are advised to consult the Labor Code, the main document regulating employment, including recruitment, holidays, working time, wages and other benefits and compensation systems.

Since the time when Lithuania became a member of the EU, all citizens of the EEA countries, job seekers, students and self-employed persons, can take up residence, work and study without a work permit. Employees from the other EU/ EEA countries have the same privileges as
Lithuanian citizens with regards to wage, working conditions, professional training, and social insurance. Their families will also be entitled to take up residence in Lithuania enjoying the same privileges.

Work Permit

Expats are required to acquire work permits before entering Vilnius, Lithuania. It can only be issued to you if there is no present Lithuanian to fill your job.

Work permits are ordered by the Ministry for Social Affairs and Labors, and issued/cancelled by the Lithuanian Labor Exchange at the Ministry of Social Security and Labor. Your functions, specialization, company or organization must be explained in your application.

Work permits are issued to expats for up to two years. A seasonal worker’s permit is issued for up to 6 months. A trainee’s work permit is issued for up to one year. You are also required to get a residence permit.

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