Located in the heart of Europe, Vilnius, Lithuania is experiencing a rapid economic growth and development, making it an ideal location for studying in abroad. Foreign students, leaving their native countries to study abroad in Vilnius has become a progressively visible feature of the educational landscape in Vilnius, as more and more students find themselves drawn to the Lithuanian capital’s exotic and bewitching charms.

Colleges & Universities

Vilnius University – Located at 3 Universiteto Str., Vilnius. It is one of the oldest Universities in Eastern and Central Europe, was established in 1579. Vilnius University offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in humanities, social sciences, physical and biomedical sciences and technologies.

Lithuanian University of Educational – Located at Studentu g. 39, Vilnius.

Mykolas Romeris University – Located at 20 Ateities Street, Vilnius.

European Humanities University – Located at Tauro Street 12, Vilnius.

Kazimieras Simonavicius University – Located at Kauno g. 34, Vilnius.

Vilnius College of Higher Education – Located at J. Jasinskio g. 15, Vilnius.

Academy Arts – Located at Maironio Str. 6, Vilnius.

Military Academy of Lithuania – Located at Šilo g. 5A, Vilnius.

Vilnius Co-operative College – Located at Konstitucijos pr. 11, Vilnius.

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater – Located at Gedimino pr. 42, Vilnius.

International School of Law and Business – Located at Laisves ave.58, Vilnius.

Vilnius Business College – Located at Filaretu g. 36A, Vilnius.

Vilnius Management School – Located at J. Basanaviciaus g. 29A, Vilnius.

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design – Located at Antakalnio g. 54, Vilnius.

Vilnius Design College – Located at Akmenu g. 3, Vilnius.

Students who intend to study in Vilnius, Lithuania must obtain a national D Visa to enter the Republic of Lithuania. Students will submit a visa application through the Lithuanian Consulate General in Chicago. Students should be prepared to submit the following information with the application form. Although processing time takes approximately ten business days, students should apply for their visa at least 30 days in advance to deal with any unforeseen issues.

Students apply directly to the Educational Institution of their choice. Applications for Bachelor education generally need to have completed secondary education. To be admitted to a Master program, the applicant generally must have completed a Bachelor Degree

Vilnius, in all of its honor and elegance, is a tough city to walk away from. This capital city is a hip place to hang your hat. It is almost impossible to either generalize, or specify, what it means to be a foreign student in Vilnius. Consequently, the following explorations are intended to capture a mix of personal biographies, fleeting moments, and personal experiences from a diverse set of motivated individuals living at a valuable time of their student lives in Vilnius,Lithuania.

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