Vilnius is the capital of the Republic of Lithuania. It is known as a city of 100 churches and its Old Town, one of the biggest and most stunning in Europe, has been written in the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1994. It is the social, governmental, administrative and business center of the country. Roughly one 7th of Lithuania’s population stay here. Vilnius is somewhat one of a kind as opposed to major places in the rest of the Baltic States, its old structure being a hodge-podge of designs with Scandinavian, European and German impacts. Vilnius is a vibrant little city, too.

The success of Vilnius city is shown by a legend about a dream of the Grand Duke Gediminas, in which he saw a roaring iron wolf on one of the several Vilnius mountains, the roar of which was like the  roar of a hundred wolves. The city of Vilnius is further improved by its stunning location in a valley at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers, nestling below the forest mountains in the southeast area of Lithuania. Vilnius is an awesome place for travel, vacations, holidays as well as for business trips.

It is worth to stay longer in Vilnius, because there are several locations to visit, several opportunities to captivate or even to rest and relax. The modern lifestyle of Vilnius completely shows the variety of city life.

Vilnius is also popular for its commercial fairs and events. There are seven art galleries and a huge modern art center in the city. Evenings of classical music and contests are held at the Philharmonic Society Hall. Operas, ballets and plays are held at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Youth Theatre, the Academic Drama Theatre.

There are many dining places and bars where you will discover a great variety of different foods, from Lithuanian to East European or North American dishes. When compared to the rest of Europe, eating out in Vilnius many restaurants is remarkably affordable, even for a budget traveler and tourists. There are also a number of worthwhile museums and galleries.

Vilnius is famous for its historical past, typical monuments, churches and green surroundings. There are also many industrial businesses with educated employees. There are plenty of stores and department stores selling high-quality products from all over the world and open twenty-four hours a day. There are several antique shops. The banks in Vilnius are focused in the Old Town. There are many currency exchange centres. One can obtain goods, products and services using credit cards and travel checks.

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