City Guide

The traditional way to get into the town is through the Gateways of Dawn. Vilnius is also known as Wilno and Vilna is the largest city and capital of Lithuania with a population of approximately 600,000. Vilnius is more than just an eye-catching town with unique architecture. You will discover that the town of Vilnius is a modern city with a truly sophisticated experience with it.

Heading north into the Old City you will find few modern inclusions in the nearby roads. Baroque churches back up on every side, remembering the era of Vilnius golden age in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania. You can visit Vilnius at any time of the season and there will be some kind of occasion going on. There will be some type of cultural, music, theater, cinema, art or style occasion likely going on.

There are a variety of exciting locations and places that you can visit while you are here in Vilnius and you might want to go over to the Vilnius Old Town. This aspect of Vilnius Town is the historic center of the town. You will discover a lot of structures which have been developed into designs which range from neo classical, medieval, and baroque renaissance. After you have explored the Old Town the next place you might want to see is the of Vilnius Castle Complex. You will be able to see a variety of buildings which have essential traditional and cultural significance to the city of Vilnius. You will amaze at how recreational areas, parks and gardens are beautifully interspaced with the structures which gives Vilnius a modern yet welcoming look.

While you are staying here there are plenty of possibilities for you to shop, rest in fine leisurely facilities and movie theaters, and have dine at dining places which provide exquisite foods from a number of nations such as traditional Lithuanian dishes. Vilnius has a lot of ways to entertain and amuse you with many cafes, bars and clubs with different types to suit your needs.

When the sun goes down in Vilnius shows the fun part of its nature, with a nightlife that is quick getting a popularity as the best in Eastern Europe. These are just a few of the places that you can visit while you are in Vilnius. For an excellent vacation where there is something to keep everyone entertained, Vilnius is your best option. When you are anticipating to a vacation you should keep this town in your mind.

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