Lithuania is quite homogenous people. The population is nearly 90% ethnic Lithuanian, if not more. Their main language is Lithuanian. Most Lithuanians are  Roman Catholic. There are other religions include Lutheran, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical Christian Baptist, Muslim and Jewish.

Crime is on the rise, therefore, many people are distrustful of strangers, but a polite smile and warm demeanor go a long way to dispel such fears. People in Vilnius often bring a small gift of candy or flowers when they visit someone, always an odd number of flowers unless someone has passed away. Hosts are generous and do anything they can to make a guest comfortable. In general, the people in Vilnius were polite, hospitable and generous.

Lithuanians are a reserved people with respect for tradition. They typically will not go out of their way to greet someone they do not know. In Vilnius eye contact is very crucial as the making of eye contact passes a positive message of trustworthiness and sincerity. People on public conveyances do not look straight at someone else unless they are friends and they generally give up their seats to their elders.

A handshake with direct eye contact, and a smile is the appropriate gesture for meeting and greeting strangers or persons you are only vaguely acquainted with in Vilnius. Hugs and kisses are reserved for person who are familiar or intimate with one another.

Men always shake the hands of male friends when they meet in a café or on the street but never inside a door. This is one of many superstitions, which include not whistling within your home for fear of calling little devils and not sitting at the corner of a table if one desires to get married soon.

The people of Vilnius were generally very friendly, the guys will not get angry with you for being a foreigner and girls were actually somewhat interested with travelers. In Vilnius, people tended to be laid back during the day, and at night always up to go out and have a couple of drinks at the local pub.

In Vilnius, the family is the center of the social structure. The obligation to family is a person’s first priority. Together with religion, the family forms the basis around which all other parts of life revolves. Lithuanians talk a lot about politics. People in Vilnius have very strong viewpoints and usually are not happy with how things are done by the Government.

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