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If you are planning some touring, then Vilnius is the town with a long history and it has more than its reveal the sites. You will discover that Vilnius is very pleasing to explore as most of Vilnius sightseeing attractions are within easy walking distance. A bit of creativity delivers those historical places to life and you can quickly imagine yourself walking around through medieval Vilnius at the time when it was one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe.

Vilnius Cathedral – Located at Katedros Square. Vilnius Church and the Bell Tower standing in front of it is considered to be one of the most main landmarks of the Lithuanian capital. It is an impressive prayer house keeping many secrets in its catacombs of those who were in furtherance of the Cathedral to stand in the heart of Vilnius and attracting visitors and tourists by its architecture. It contains more than 40 paintings and frescoes.

Gediminas Castle – Located at Arsenalo g. 5. The tower these days serves as a museum, an observation square and a symbol of Vilnius and the whole Lithuania. There is a display of ancient armors, swords, coins, models of the city at various points in history, and other archaeological finds dating from the 13th century.

European Park – Located at Joneikiskiu. The Park these days is one of the most visited open air museums in Lithuania. The Park draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, who come to admire and appreciate the permanent outdoor sculpture exhibition, set amid rolling hills, woods and fields filled with natural springs. The Park of Europe is a place that commemorates the diversity and richness of European art. The park has restaurant, shop and post office.

Hill of the Three Crosses – Located at Kalnu Parkas. On the East of Gediminas Hill in the Old City you can see three white crosses overlooking the city. Apparently they were originally erected in memory of seven Franciscan monks who were tortured to death, crucified and thrown into the Vilnia River. The crosses were destroyed by the Soviet regime, but re-erected in 1989 to mark Lithuanian independence as a symbol of faith and national identity.

The Gate of Dawn – Located at Aušros Vartų 12 .It is one of the most important religious, historical and cultural monuments in Vilnius which is a tourism object of even cosmic religious significance and is the only remaining out of nine city gates. The Gate of Dawn is mostly famous for its gold and silver icon of the miraculous painting of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy displayed in the Gate of Dawn chapel.

Vilnius University – It is located at 3 Universiteto Street. Vilnius University is the oldest and largest university in Lithuania established in 1579. The Vilnius University is one of the most important educational institutions in Lithuania which has managed for more than 400 years already.

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