When to Visit Vilnius ?

If you are interested in seeing Vilnius, Lithuania at its best, when is the best time to arrive? Unless you are part Eskimo, you will want to avoid the winter month season. Vilnius, Lithuania is freezing from October until March and is not prime time for tourism.

On the other hand, the best time visit Vilnius, Lithuania is June through August. Summer is perhaps the most exciting time to visit in Vilnius. During the summer months, Vilnius is really at its best. During the summer months, weather in Vilnius, is usually a comfortable in 20-28°C (68-82°F). Although summer rains and the occasional summer thunderstorms are not unusual and you may experience some humidity temperatures during the summer months are usually very comfortable.

At the same time, the summer months are times of many festivals. Summer is really a delightful time to visit Vilnius. From early June to the end of August is the peak tourist season therefore its worth to book your accommodation in advance. From the middle of June till the middle of August, when you usually get the hottest weather in Vilnius, it is the best time to visit the Lithuanian seaside and enjoy the best of its beach life. Evenings are pleasantly awesome and the sun doesn’t go down until late so conditions are ideal for enjoying the pleasures of outdoor dining or drinking.

If you want to beat the tourist rush, late spring and early autumn are a delightful time to visit. In May the landscapes are wonderful with wealthy green fields filled with yellow flowers, the weather is rather warm and comfortable and in September you often get the means of sunny and warm weather especially during Lithuanian bobu vasara (Indian summer).

In December, January and February you can expect the snow. The winter months can be severe and make the thermometer plunged well below freezing sometimes as low as –25 °C. Of course, if you are coming to Vilnius just for a city break and planning to visit its dining places and nightclubs, cold weather should not be much of an issue.

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